Thursday, May 9, 2013

(a few) Evening(s) in Roma

Sweden and Italy are such polar opposites that I can't resist writing about it. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Rome to "celebrate" the 3 years we've been together (perfect reason to eat a bunch of gelato all day). Neither of us had been and it was an amazing trip! Rome is more beautiful, chaotic, and blissfully perfect than you can imagine. We rented a little apartment right off Campo Dei Fiori - a place that's home to a "touristy" fruit market during the day, and "hip and young" nightlife at night. We spent our 3 days there walking around what felt like the entire city, absorbing the insane amounts of "culture". Swede's are quiet and independent, and Italians couldn't be louder. Honking your car horn in Sweden is pretty much considered Rude, why would you disrupt the quiet?  
A swede's thought: That man standing in the middle of the road will probably move if i just inch closer to him without touching the horn....

 In Italy they honk from a mile away just to let you know they're coming.

We found an adorable breakfast place a minute or two away from our apartment, so with a 7-euro cappuccino, yoghurt, fruit and croissant mix we were ready for our day! We sat outside, and at about 9 o clock in the morning we got to see a lot of the "normal" italians about to start their day. A  woman decked out in Prada or Gucci strutted her stuff while screaming and gesturing like a typical "roman woman" (according to our waitress), two old men were arguing, about what I can only assume was about how small the buttons on their cellphones are. Scooters zoomed past and huge delivery trucks managed to squeeze by (after we moved our little table and chairs by the way). There was no eagerness to please or impress strangers like in Sweden and everyone went about their day in simple chaos, because this is what happens every day in Rome. In Sweden people dress a certain way for others, but in Rome, the italians seem to have that quiet confidence in whatever they wear, a complete comfortableness (its not a word but I'm using it) in their own skin. One day at breakfast, two middle-age american couples sat down next to us, they turned out to be contractors and we talked about how funny it is that some buildings are allowed to exist, in both Sweden and America we're very structured and we have regulations about where and how your allowed to build, here new buildings were placed right next to old buildings, and it didn't seem to bother anyone at all. I loved it, and would love to come back to Rome with someone from Rome, so we can get to some of the really cool bars and restaurants, and experience the proper Rome and "do what the Romans do" ;)

I needed to be photographed next to the restaurant they eat at in "Eat Pray Love", its one of my favorite movies and the "Eat" part always makes my day.

At Breakfast

He's wearing Ray Ban Clubmasters, as a present from me by the way.

At the Colosseum..we had watched Gladiator the night before to prepare and I got a little carried away...

"Are you not entertained?!"

Fontana di Trevi

Piazza di Spagna

If I was a swiss guard, there would be a pool of sweat constantly  surrounding me because it was HOT and those uniforms do not look cool, although they do look cool ... eeeeh ;) 

I love you to the moon and back

7:30AM - heading to the airport, had to stop off at our breakfast place, deeelicious!

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