Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dad's birthday

(I won't mention the age he's turning, he's been avoiding it all day, even though no one would believe me if i told you!)

Anyways! This Cinqo de mayo party but we had a lovely brunch this morning, my lovely boyfriend made delicious pancakes, my mom made her amazing scrambled eggs...and my dad and I just kind of showed up when everything was ready! All in all a good morning. 

Gustav making the pancakes, what a pro!

Dad got a pair of Ray Bans from me, a bottle of italian wine from a vineyard my parents visited last weekend from my mom and Bruce Springsteen's biography from Joe (bestie from the states)

May is turning out to be a great month here in Stockholm, when the sun shines the city's population seems to triple overnight, especially around Djurgården ("King's park here in Stockholm"). Gustav and I walked out to a café by Djurgårdsbrunn after breakfast and sat in the grass, trying not to blind people with our paleness, while at the same time trying to get rid of that paleness...its a scary moment when you walk around without a jacket for the first arms look like long blocks of marshmallow..

Ray Ban Meteors

After a quite glass of rose and fanta and a beer we hurried back to my apartment, got changed and got ready for our dinner. More about that tomorrow, off to bed now! 

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