Monday, May 6, 2013

Fjäderholmarnas Krog

Stockholm has a huge archipelago with thousands of islands,and about 30 minutes away from the city centre there's an island called Fjäderholmarna", its a cute place and in the summer time it's popular for swimming. Since its still only about 15 degrees in the air the water MIGHT be a bit too chilly for me, however the restaurant was AMAZING, we had a great time with great conversation. My dad's best friend from the states joined us this weekend for two Bruce Springsteen concerts in honour of my dad's birthday (Bruce showed up just for him, those 50,000+ other visitors were hired for the two nights), so it was him, my parents, my sister, my boyfriend and me for dinner in an almost too empty restaurant... I guess not too many are out for fancy dinners on sunday's yet, but in the summer the place is packed! 

We rarely get to sit down all together and really enjoy each other's company, everyone is so busy with their own life that there's rarely any time for that. My dad's busy job keeps him at work until late, my sister doesn't live at home any more pretty much and I'm at work or with Gustav most of the time! Its fast-paced, but it's always been like that. So many families sit down at dinner every night at the same time and talk, we don't but we make it work, and yesterday we definitely did 

Dad and Joe

Nybrokajen and Strandvägen

"You think you can squeeze us in?" - my dad, the jokester

Jacket Barbour, top Lindex, jeans Ralph Lauren denim & supply, and flats H&M...oh and sunnies from Ray Ban

love my dad!

my family! 

I would definitely recommmend this place for those visiting Stockholm, tickets for the ferry cost 120 kr and go from either slussen or Nybrokajen, and its a great way to get out of the city without having to travel too far! The journey out takes you past Djurgården, Nacka and Lidingö so if you have a private tour guide that knows a little about stockholm, its much better and more personal than those sightseeing boats. 

After dinner we crawled off the ferry and into this bar, Strandvägen 1. The name is the address and the location is perfect! As soon as I walked in I loved it, its the coziest place with just enough going on outside and inside. It's a great place and I would definitely say come here if you want to have a nice drink before or after dinner (its a bit pricey but most of Stockholm is). If you do decide on a drink, have a passion fruit mojito, the bartender suggested it and, its safe to say I was very pleased! mums! (swedish for yum)

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