Saturday, May 4, 2013

In my Bag today..

I want to share a bit of my every day life, which includes work, fun, friends, fashion, travel and whatever else I can think of.. but today, my life consisted of working on a Saturday. and it just feels cruel when your family is off to enjoy the sun, although being paid double has its thats what I did today! 10-15.30 was spent selling sunglasses in a mall here in this is what I brought with me to work 

sunglasses "Aviator" from Ray ban, iPhone 4, the necessary lip balm , my passport (who knows when I'll be whisked away on a trip, or need it to prove who I am) Wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs, notebooks from Moleskine, and an over ripe banana that will remain in my bag until I can throw it out

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