Thursday, May 16, 2013


I am a big "music fan" - I hate it when people say that, what the hell does that mean?

"So do you listen to music?"
"oh yeah I love music". 

....Thats like saying you love air, or the ground. It could be ANYTHING, that little tune in a commercial, a new song, whatever. Music is sounds to me, anything that makes a sound can also be music... but anyways this post wasn't supposed to be about blabbing on about my annoyance with people, this was to share a reaaaaaally good song that is blasted on repeat in my apartment right now, its Beyonc√©'s (isn't she amazing?) new song "Standing on the Sun". She is H&M's model for their swim collection for 2013 and this song and video is also their commercial. All the clothes and bikinis are H&M and I'm heading to a store later today to check it out... I loooove the song so take a look : 

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