Saturday, May 4, 2013

My very first post

So here I am eating half a grapefruit and writing my first blog post. I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself, but I'll try my best to highlight the best parts of me, make fun of the worst, and share my funniest in this blog. So that you, whoever you may be, can get to know me and, maybe someone finds what I write interesting. I've had a pretty interesting upbringing, nine months after I was born my family was whisked off from Stockholm, Sweden to New Jersey, USA. My dad was offered a job half way around the world, and we went with him. He's one of the most inspiring people I've ever met, and I feel very fortunate to have him my dad. So I ended up at a Catholic school in a suburb 40 minutes away from New York City (we were probably the only non-religious, and non-italian-american students in the bunch) but those five years laid a foundation for what was soon too come... Too quickly, we were sent back to Sweden, this time to the west-coast, where my family is originally from. I'm the only "Stockholmer" in the bunch, and if any Swede's from outside Stockholm read this, I'm sure you can imagine the mockery I get for being a "08"*. 

me circa 1995 + fall fever

Anyways,after being a toddler who didn't speak at all until I could speak both English and Swedish, those 3 years I spent in Gothenburg gave me a sense of what it is to be Swedish. I made friends that turned into family and now 10 years later we're still as close as ever even though we've not lived in the same place since we were 9. So, if you could do a bit of simple math that makes me (almost) 19, on the 19th of June, so on to the rest of my life in my next post...

me autumn 2012, less blushed, bit more "grown up" 

*08 is the area-code for Stockholm, and a name for Stockholmers from non-stockholmers ;)

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