Monday, May 6, 2013

Nike Free

When I was younger, I was always the tomboy, me and my best friend played football with the boys during recess instead of tag with the girls, I loved it and throughout my years in London I played three sports every year; Football, basketball, and softball. I quit softball when I got to high school, somehow basketball and football won, but it was basketball that was really my sport. I was captain on my team which was so much fun, got a bunch of playing time, but one thing that constantly brought me down were weak ankles and knees. I think I've twisted each ankle 5 times and my knees kept me from being able to play full games. It sucked! But when I returned to sweden I stopped playing and my knees got better, I still managed to twist my ankle from time to time, but that was it! 

Until now... In January I decided to get fit again! I trained 5 times a week when I was 14 and now that I'm 18 I barely trained at I got a gym card (my friend graciously gave me hers when she ran off to Australia) and started running and squatting all over the place...this + my job of constantly having to squat down to get products at work has lead to me feeling almost constant pain in my knees...I guess I should also mention that I pretty much only wear Uggs in winter and Converse in summer...not the best support in the world, so I've decided now to invest in some good shoes! Wearing running shoes when you're not running has become very trendy these days, and there are so many cool shoes to choose from, so I surfed in to and found their "Nike Free ID" shoes that seem perfect, I played around with the different colours you can choose, but I can't!

1. I think the pink is going to be more neon, I love the mix of bright green and calm purple...

2. This one's my favourite

3. Probably not my thing...

4. Looking at this one gives me a headache..

5. Sweden <3 Such a good combo of colour don't you think?

6. Yeah? maybe? let it sink in....hmm maybe not.

7. Purple is SO COOL! Maybe blue or green or orange instead of that red one? that could be nice...

So here were some combinatins that I found, I'd love some help so VOTE! with the number of each shoe!

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