Monday, May 27, 2013


Going to go typical blogger and share all my little "beauty secrets" ;) 

I'm not a crazy freak with a hundred products that each claim to do its own miracle, but I am a crazy freak that thinks that nailpolish, body lotions and perfumes are the most fun thing to buy ever... so technically I'm a crazy girl, you know...the usual?
So...since Sephora opened here in Stockholm I got a bunch of new stuff there a few weeks back:

Body lotion from Clarins

My first "fake tan" lotion..or this time Mousse from St Tropez

"My" scent since I was 13, Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The best surprise was that they were the home of benefit in Sweden, my favorite make up brand from London (or actually San Francisco, but I discovered it there)

Smokey Eye kit, Powder, Concealer, and Mascara

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