Saturday, May 4, 2013

The rest of my life...

Hyde Park 2008

...It was time to move again, and this time to London, England. My favorite place in. the. entire. world. Hands down the best city ever. But, I didn't think so at first.. leaving friends and what was safe behind is never easy, but I grew accustomed to the "hustle and bustle" of one of the biggest cities in the world, and ended up loving every second of it. Not that hard to do if you yourself consider yourself a Londoner. What I loved about London, was the international-ness of it. It is such a diverse city with so many different people and cultures, I lived there for 6 years and don't think I even started to scratch the surface of what really makes up London. This was when I started feeling more and more unsure of "who I was" and more importantly "where I'm from". I'd lived abroad more than I'd lived in Sweden... attended school in an English speaking country more than Swedish which resulted in me speaking better English than Swedish. It was hard for me to know where to place myself. You know in the categories of life? Religion, skin color, ethnicity, "country of origin", I didn't have one answer for anything...So, in the end I adopted a new classification, I called myself International, or as my American private school called it, a "global citizen". That fit me well, so when I found out there was a new job for my dad in Stockholm I was devastated. I was terrified of losing that classification, was I to become a normal swede? It turns out...nope! 

I attended an international school in central Stockholm where all classes were taught in English (thankfully, as I have no idea what words like fraction, element or metaphor are in swedish). I met 5 girls who had just returned to Stockholm after years abroad, everyone with an equally special upbringing came together as complete newbies to Stockholm just like me. These girls have become sisters, and now as we've all graduated high school we're all in different parts of the world again, studying, working, and travelling somewhere new... but that's the great thing with family, you can't get rid of them, even if you wanted too. 

Nicole, Tango the Golden Retriever, me, and Malin
on the Djurgårdskanal September 2011

Here they all are! 
Nicole, Anna, Malin, Lucia, and Sandra

San Diego 2011

So my dreams came true, I didn't have to loose my sense of "international-ness" even though I came "home"*, because as everyone I met soon realized, I wasn't like them at all, I was different, and what I learned was that no one will ever experience what I experience, and no one will ever be like me, I may not have the most dramatic upbringing or exotic relatives...but I'm different, and I love that. 

*I have a very broad sense of what home really is... these days I'm on "holiday" when I go to London, but I'm also coming home, and once its time to go back, I'm leaving home to come home..When I was thinking about all this and what to call my blog I came up with The Foreign Swede...I'm most definitely Swedish, (both parents are 100% born and raised swedes) but I'm not a "proper" swede... So this blog will be about how my history makes me look at experiences and my views on all sorts of things! I hope you like it 

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