Sunday, May 12, 2013

Throwback Sunday

Sort of missed Throwback Thursday, and I ALWAYS do for some reason, every week I see people posting hilarious old photos on instagram and I always get great ideas of photos to post...but I never #TS it is with friends, travels, animals and so many memories from my time in high school. 

So we went skiing in Bad Gastein, Austria 

Went to some parties... 

Lucia came with me and my family to Greece 

I travelled to Shanghai, China with my childhood friends from Göteborg to visit one of us who's moved there with her family

Waaaay Throwback, 2010 - fell in love with this guy

1920s party

Stared at a koala at the San Diego Zoo. SO CUTE

Busan was sick of sitting on the floor, needed some cuddles.

Took a Christmas Eve walk in our santa hats...with quite a few confused stares from boring stockholmers. Come on people, where's your christmas spirit?!

 Graduated from high school

Went to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Didn't want to leave...

A handful of photos with a handful of my favorite people, it makes me so happy that I now have this blog to put it all and they won't be lost, photos are so special to me and my room is filled with frames and memories, like this poster I made a while back. Its kind of like an "inspiration board" for me, I tried picking only photos with great memories, photos that with just a glance would make me smile, I've re-made it twice now, replacing old photos with newer ones and constantly updating it with different experiences I've had. Like...

-a paper bracelet from "Drunken Dragon" pup-crawl in Shanghai, 
-Plastic festival bracelet from Summerburst housemusic festival
-My first lottery ticket that i purchased on my 18th birthday
- a one dollar bill from San Diego
-10 Croatian "kuna" from Dubrovnik
-and my favorite saying "A friend is someone who knows everything about you, but still likes you"

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