Sunday, June 23, 2013

19 on the 19th

My birthday was this Wednesday - and like the title suggests I turned 19 on the 19th which apparently is my golden birthday? Only happens once (unless I live until I'm 119 which I mean to be honest, could happen)

I am usually so excited for my birthday a month in advance, but this year it just didn't hit me. Maybe because 18 was such a big milestone and turning 19 doesn't really come with anything new. But, the night before I got just as excited as I always do and slept so poorly. I ALWAYS have bad dreams the night before, I must be so anxious that it transfers into my dreams. I had 3 bad dreams with about the same storyline - I had slept too long and missed my birthday breakfast, my boyfriend overslept and didn't come to sing for me, and there were no good strawberries to make good Pimms. It was AWFUL - so when we woke up I was relieved to know that I hadn't missed it (and we found good strawberries too)! My boyfriend gave me the prettiest Bracelet and I giggled like a litle girl when he gave it to me. Gustav is the best gift-giver in the entire world, he catches up on little details and remembers them, he knows how much I love Mulberry so this year...I got a little surprise from there!

We headed over to my favorite breakfast Place, Sirap and we ate way too much and way too fast - thank god we took our bikes there so we could just roll over to one of my favourite bars Happy and collapsed into their sun couches and enjoyed the weather in Stockholm. After a few hours we had to get up from our summer slumber and get ready for the evening. I had my Swedish friends over for some English drinks, Pimms! Most had never had it before and everyone was pleasantly surprised...which obviously means we went through almost 3 bottles, countless Strawberries, and two pots of Mint between 10 people. not to mention all the Corona's when the Pimms ran out. We grabbed a few "to go" and headed over to our resident club, Collage

I have found such a lovely group of friends here and I am so blessed to have them in my life! ... not to mention I got some pretty good gifts too ! So, thank you to everyone who was there and shared my big day with me ! 

I wore shorts from Hollister and a "handmedown" shirt my friend Malin gave me

Every year we always have a birthday dinner a few days before my day because I usually want to spend it with my friends, and I always request the same food...its just too delicious to ignore. With strawberries and ice cream for dessert of course! 

Birthday Brunch consisting of French Toast with blueberries, apple, cinnamon and of course syrup. Bagels with cream cheese, the most amazing scrambled eggs, and the star of the show: American pancakes, Blueberries, Bacon and syrup. Who knew?! 

15 minutes later, it was all gone...

...So we escaped here and had a little nap

Some birthday-bubbles. We drank the champagne my boyfriend gave me on my last birthday - how did I manage to keep it for so long? 

The preparations - so yummy I want Pimms again !

The presents: 

The most delicious scented candle ever from my newest friend, Isabel. 

My amazing new bracelet, I'm obsessed!

A bottle of fancy pants Rosé from Caroline, and then a HUGE magnum bottle from my boys. When they gave it to me and I let out a little surprised and excited yelp they just said "only the best for you" and gave me a hug. Gotta love 'em.

And the créme de la créme of Presents - the prettiest skirt I've ever seen from Hunkydory (Swedish brand with amazing clothes). I had been lusting after this skirt for months, everyone from massive blogger Sofi Fahrman to the Crown princess Victoria of Sweden have it and I had kind of given up on it (its not exactly a high-street brand), until I saw it on sale the week before my birthday. Thank you mum for convincing dad! 

All in all, a fantastic birthday, Thank you ! 

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