Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My best friend in the whole world graduated from high school last week. We've been friends since we were 6 years old, and now both us are 19 (or I turn tomorrow) and we're both high school graduates! It's so crazy how far we've come, and I am so so proud of her and so so happy to have been there with her to celebrate! And man did we celebrate, her party was one of the best I've ever been too, haven't had that much fun in a long time. 

Swedish graduations are special...as I mentioned in my last post and I have been so nostalgic and really missing my big day  - I was scared I would be jealous and wouldn't think it was fun. I have never been as wrong in my whole life! 

I started "her" day preparing the rest of the food and house with her parents. Me and her little brother were put in charge of balloons and alcohol ;) 

We were a bunch of "young people" with a few of our friends, family friends, and her little brothers friends. We played drinking games and mingled with parents, ran around playing with younger kids and had so much fun! At about 11 we left to go to a nightclub that her graduating class had rented for the night - it was fun, but the party definitely peaked at her house, and how often can you say that? 

To sum it up, I loved it, and I love you Anna! 

My internet is being very slow, so I'll add more photos next time !

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