Saturday, June 8, 2013

Early Summer Days

There are few things better than Swedish Summer. But there are fewer places where I would want to be right now. The weather has been amazing in Sweden this past week, I've been working a lot but any chance I got I was out in the sun! 

It was almost 25 degrees this past Sunday - I cycled out to Djurgården and suntanned for a few hours...ended up getting a b***h of a shorts tan but oh well ;) 

Recognize him? The BIGGEST football star ever was at the spa in the same mall where I work, I jumped at the chance to get a photo of him, and literally started jumping afterwards as I was so star struck! For those of you who don't recognize him, thats Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Swedish player at Paris Saint Germain right noooow!

A quick break during our day to meet up by Junibacken for a little sun - amazing weather and amazing view

My lovely new bike ! I couldn't be more pleased, been biking EVERYWHERE recently - I'm hoping it'll kick be into shape

Enjoying my new shoes...

I finished at 5 on friday so my boyfriend prepared a picnic for us and we biked out to Djurgården (yes its my favorite spot in town, and so close to where I live so its a hard place to ignore)

My gorgeous boyfriend :)

New Sunglasses! Ray Ban aviator blue mirror - obsessed

Strawberries and Rosé - he knows exactly what I need on a friday evening 

I am so in love with this city sometimes - gorgeous view over Djurgårdsbrunn

Bad iPhone photo - good boyfriend


  1. Gorgeous! I want to host a little Midsommar with my Swedish friends in Korea. All I know about it is I have to wear a floral garland and lots of drinking should occur! Any tips?

    1. Hi! Aw thank you :) Haha well you've gotten the most important bits down already! You'll need to dance around some kind of pole singing about "little frogs". You'll need to sing drinking songs (Google "hellangår" translated into english). Have fun, let me know how it goes! X