Sunday, June 23, 2013


The biggest holiday in Sweden is no doubt "Midsommar" or Midsummer. It is such a huge deal in Sweden (probably because half the year is complete darkness) and people take their celebrations seriously. Stockholm becomes a ghost town and everyone flees the city to country houses. Their own or someone else's. Either way, you must not stay in Stockholm. Midsommar is on the summer solstice, AKA the shortest night of the year - in Sweden the sun barely sets and you spend all day and night outside, shivering under blankets and being eaten by mosquitos - its because you have too, and its amazing. My weekend was spent at my best friend Filip's summer house with a few friends and his parents and their friends. We arrived at about 11:30 and were immediately offered wine - on Midsommar you drink, no questions asked. We sat down to lunch at 12 with "sill" (pickled herring), potatoes, Pie, lots of meatballs, and lots and lots of schnapps. You eat, sing songs and drink shots. Drinking before you've barely swallowed breakfast is a hard thing to handle, but I think we all did quite well this year.

Filippo and Nicole

My favorite boys: Filip and Gustav

The craziest and cutest Dog ever, Mojje

Filip and Jonte cuddling while watching the folk dancing 

We met up with Filip's neighbour, Elliot, who had a bunch of people over for Midsommar as well - here are a few of us !

Nicole and I got some snuggles in with the pup, he was the craziest dog who ran around constantly, but as soon as you picked him up he relaxed. So cute!

The guessing game. This drinking game is hilarious when you're already a little tipsy (don't let this be the first game you play) you stick a card to your head without looking at it and you're supposed to guess whether or not your card is the highest by looking at everyone else's. You look silly, and the "oh my god he thinks he has the highest card, he has a 2!!" thoughts going through your head at the same time as the alcohol is what makes this game fun. 

My bestie Filippo

Filips amazing summerhouse

See? I wasn't lying about the blankets. I think we have 3 or 4 covering us.

This is what 9+ hours of drinking will do to you: You try to take one nice photo and it turns into a weird photo shoot.

After this I was too scared to bring my camera...there were too mnay drinks flying around and we ended up on Elliot's brygga/jetty dancing until the sun started coming up again... We spent the next day recuperating with pizza and movies on the couch. The perfect Midsommar. Thank you Filip!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I would love to experiment Swedish Midsommar some day. Guess I'll have to finally plan a trip down to Stockholm to visit my friend :) It doesn't look like it was very warm though, was it?

    Established In The Tropics

    1. It really is amazing! If you ever get the chance you definitely have to experience it ! Just make sure to take it easy on the schnapps - it'll kill a first timer! ;-) It was maybe about 20 degrees and sunny but storm-like winds made it colder. It can't be nice weather on midsommar, its kind of like an unwritten rule in Sweden!