Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Airport Etiquette

When I was flying home from Greece I stopped at Athens Airport for a few hours, it's a great airport and once you make it through security there are many things to entertain you. My first flight however, landed too early and I wasn't able to check in right away, you know those rules where you can only check in 2 hours before your flight or whatever? yeah...so I sat next to the Greek airport employees and read my book. I was flying Scandinavian Airlines home, and so naturally there were practically only Swede's on the flight. As the line grew, I kept my seat so I could do a little people watching. Swedish people never stop to amuse me, they are just so...strange. To put it bluntly. There were so many families with small children, though there were two that stuck out the most.

Family number 1: Young mom and dad, with 3 children, 2 girls and one boy, (I'm guessing) around the ages of 3 - 8. Now, I can only imagine how hard it is to travel with children...but what I found so interesting is how these parents treated their kids and how they let them do certain things. The two smallest girls ran around the airport barefoot, and one of them crawled along the floor for a good 50 metres. When she finally stood up, the bottom of her feet were black and the sleeves of her shirt were stained with... I don't even want to know. While I thought it was repulsive and irresponsible (what three year old doesn't put everything, including her dirty hands in her mouth) of the parents, they just seemed to find it funny like "oh, children, they just don't know whats best". And yes thats true, children don't know, but you as their parent should know and if you don't teach them how to act/behave/live then who will? 

I may be extra sensitive, as my dad works within the airline business we often flew on the airline he worked at. As he was a representative of the company so were we, so we were expected to act appropriately (whatever that means) and while most people flew in sweat pants and flip flops we had to dress nicely, definitely no flip flops. I remember thinking it was annoying, but I mean going on an airplane may be a place where you are the closest to strangers for the longest amount of time - why not treat the other people with respect. Now I'm not saying the kid crawling on the floor was disrespectful to me, but screaming and running around may be. 

Now, Family number 2: mom and dad, 2 kids, ages 5-10. Shoes on, helping with all the luggage by carrying their backpacks and standing with their dad waiting, they weren't zombies, they were kids, but they seemed to know the difference between a playground and the line to check-in at a busy airport. Such different situations doing the exact same thing, and one thing is for sure, when I have children I am going to try and take after family 2. 

I'm sure someone is going to think "you have no idea what you're saying, you don't have kids" no I don't but I'm so sick of people (particularly Swedish) thinking that they're the only people in the world, you're not. Episode X of the Foreign Swede, dum dum duuuummmmmm (cheesy scary movie music) 

I don't have any pictures to illustrate this, so I'm adding a photo of my baby, Busan (actually my boyfriend's) because she's coming home in a week! I can't wait 

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