Friday, July 26, 2013

Anti Paros

I kind of like starting every post about Greece with a photo of a little Greek fishing boat. They're so cute it makes me want to be a fisherman. Okay, no it doesn't but they are really nice

Anti-Paros is the name of the island that is right next to Paros, its a lot smaller and contrary to the name they're very similar. Anti in Greek basically means "opposed to" and since you can take a little ferry across the bluest waters in the world in under 10 minutes - It means next to. 

We try to go every time we come to Greece and its a great place for a day trip, bit too small to stay for a few days but the beaches are beautiful (how many times have I called something beautiful when writing about Greece, from now on: thesaurus)

How deliciously Greek is it with octopus drying in the sun? 

Like all other Greeks, honorary and otherwise, we purchased some paddles and tennis balls for some beach tennis! It's the best beach entertainment and its always fun watching everyone play at the beach, it gives you a break from reading books and gives you a bit more of an even tan ;)

If you're ever in Paros, the ferry goes from Pounda beach and if you don't have your own car or scooter there are busses from Parikia ! It costs 4 € per person and is super quick! 

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