Sunday, July 21, 2013

Island getaway #1

After one of the craziest weekends of my life at the wedding, I met my prince in Mykonos to start our holiday. Its been 4 years since I've been to Mykonos and its one of my favorite islands. Its small, but there are SO many people who visit it, its one of the most popular islands in Greece and a lot of big cruise ships stop there. Hence the crazy amounts of people. But besides the tacky touristy stuff that just appears when cruise ships do, there are some amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants. and not to mention the beaches, ahh the beaches. AMAZING

Psarou Beach

Paraga beach

We grabbed a few drinks and enjoyed the evening sun, and we didn't end up getting back until just before the sunset. 

Sat at the perfect sunset bar and got some passionfruit mojitos

smooched and stuff

And when the sun set we set off into the town and I was surprised to see that frozen yoghurt is a huge thing in Greece? It was weird to see a little shop at almost every island we were at, so I may have cheated on greek yoghurt with frozen yoghurt a little, but only a little I promise!

Kittens make my heart melt, its insane how cute they are, this one tried to steal my breakfast every morning

Our cute little hotel overlooking Mykonos town, with a perfect place to watch the sunset

It was Gustav's first time to the Greek islands, so this trip was a little show and tell from my side, I love this country so much I had to "test" and see if he would love it as much. So naturally, Mykonos became a top choice while planning our trip and when you think Mykonos you think sunsets, partying, and windmills, beautiful windmills by the water. Which of course means I had to do a little pose in front of them.

Lucky/unlucky for me the wind was insane, so a jump to cover my goods turned into a Marilyn Monroe pose, woops! 

Totally not planned, and super spontaneous

If you're ever in Mykonos (which you should be at one point or another in your life according to me) you won't miss these, because well...they're huge. So buy yourselves some Mythos and sit down by the windmills and watch the sunset, overlooking silly Americans, snap-happy Asians, and beautiful Italians. This time we were lucky enough to be there at the same time as a wedding. They were doing their photographs there and the couple were so glamorous, the bride and groom were adorable and I couldn't help but think about how perfect that would be...

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