Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Our favourite village on our favourite island is called Naoussa. It's located on the northern part of the island in a little bay. We've been staying here for the last 9 years and at the same hotel and it's been so fun watching a small studio hotel grow into a gorgeous more luxurious hotel. They're so ambitious with this project and it really is a great place to stay. The owners have become friends and it really feels like home whenever we come here. The Pool was a new addition for me, they built it two years ago and its beautiful! It's called Hotel Senia and I can't recommend it enough!

Infinity pools are amaaaazing 

Another friend we've made over the years is Georgeos (white shirt) and his wife (far left). We started to get to know him as our taxi driver, but after many trips to and from the airport we've spent more time with them, and this year him and his beautiful new wife joined us for dinner at one of the best restaurants in Paros.

My dad is all about his views. It doesn't matter if we stay in a shack as long as it has a balcony that gives you an amazing view. I wouldn't exactly blame him, he's got a good sense of taste.

I'm wearing H&M top, Hollister shorts and jewellery by Mulberry. He's wearing Ralph Lauren and Ray Bans

This fishing harbour is the smaller of the two that make up Naoussa, and it is so incredibly Greek and picturesque. Octopus drying in the sun, right along side bars and restaurants, during the day its empty but at night this place is full.

Cats of Greece

Guarding his octopus 

The harbour bathed in the sunset light, beautiful right?

Like seafood? Glafkos is one of the best. We ate sooo much

After dinner we decided to roll over to the bar next door, and had the best mojitos I have ever had. They were absolutely delicious...aaaan now I really want one.

Love my Dad 

My mom kicked up her feet (literally) and started slurping a little too fast and didn't say much...such a cutie

The last of a little too many cocktails - this one a Strawberry Daquiri that just tasted like freshly picked strawberries, dangerous and delicious. *Thumbs Up*

I love my new RBs, couldn't help but feel super matched out with my blue &other stories top with them 

The best name for a fishing boat

Greece, I love you

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