Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Si Paros

A few years ago, a new restaurant opened a bit outside Naoussa called Si Paros. It isn't a casual traditional Greek place, and it's a bit more expensive so my parents only go once a trip, but to them, its a mandatory choice for dinner. This year was my first time going! Unfortunately the food was too delicious for me to take photos of it before it all disappeared, so you'll have to take my word for it that it looked and tasted amazing. The owner is a really talented guy who has some definite great ambitions and its a perfect place for a special event or romantic dinner. 

Sunsets in Greece are magical, so dramatic and its one of my favorite aspects of our holidays there. Almost all the memories I have of these trips involve the sunsets. 

"look deep into each other's eyes you guys"

Striking a pose

I wore my bracelet "pencez de Moy" from Efva Attling that I got from my favorite gals for my 18th birthday

I managed a photo of the dessert - watermelon! This is what you usually get as a gift from the restaurant, its the best dessert because you're usually way too full to eat a proper dessert. 

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