Friday, July 26, 2013


The next stop in our little island adventure was Ios! A first for both of us and Gustav and I weren't really sure what to expect! And..long story short I was a little dissappointed. And just because I had heard things about the island that I didn't find to be true at all. I mean, I had read that it used to be a party island and now it was more of a great place for families and couples? If J├Ągermeister bars and beach clubs are for families I mean sure but it really was not what I was expecting. Kind of Magaluf/Aya Napa/Kos kind of place, and though the beaches WERE beautiful it wasn't my favorite island. We did stay at a wonderful hotel in the port called Petros Place hotel so that definitely made our stay better :) We arrived by ferry in the afternoon, dumped our bags in our room and dove into the pool - have I mentioned the afternoon sun here? yeah....its the best

little me at Mylopotas beach - much better than expected - the "party" beach was at the opposite end of where we were and we found a great spot with cheap sun chairs and nice employees wandering around talking to everyone (they were all Australian which was hard for me to get used to) 

After the beach we got ourselves some mojitos and sat at Ios Palace hotel at Mylopotas beach, its a gorgeous hotel and quite luxurious, a fun place to take a drink at, with a great view of the beach.

what is it with cats and lying in the most uncomfortable places and still making them look comfortable?

On our last day on the island we decided to take a ferry over to a beach called Manganari, my family came here last year and loved it so we had to go. The ferry ended up being an excursion, so we had a quick stop at another beach for a hop and a dip which actually ended up being really nice - except when we got to the beach and we realised that the little wind we were worried about had escalated to full on gale-force winds...that was less fun but the beach really was amazing.

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