Monday, July 22, 2013

The Perfect Island

We left the craziness at Mykonos...or actually we met up with my crazy parents BUT what I mean is our next island, Paros is much calmer and doesn't have the same hype that Mykonos does. On our last night in Mykonos I became extremely disoriented. We had walked around the little alleys of the town all night for 3 nights, so it all just mixed together. A cruise ship had arrived so there were extreme amounts of people squeezing through, and if you know me at all, a lot of people + small spaces = disaster. Anyways, it felt good to get to my favorite island. Paros is one of those places that has everything. The best bars in a little square, tables crammed together become charming instead of annoying. The smell  from the little fishing harbour right next to it adds to the environment and instead of holding your nose, you can't help but think about how badly you would want some Calamari...but enough about the little town of Naoussa I'll tell you all about why I/we love it in the next post. 

This one's all about Paros. It really is "the perfect sized island where you can travel around the whole thing in a day without it being a hassle, but still big enough for you to have some variation" - my genius dad said that, and he's so right. We've been coming here for around 10 years now and its just as great every time. I haven't been here since 2010 and I needed some Paros Lovin' - so on our first day, my dad took us on the "scenic route" around Paros to show my boyfriend it, it was his first time and my dad couldn't help himself but brag about "our" island. 

PS. "Scenic" Route means going down dirt roads so bumpy you think you're car is going to break down, but you get to drive along the water and it really is, well, scenic.

After driving for half an hour we stopped at a beach because of how beautiful it was! It can get really windy in the Cyclades (name of the group of islands Paros is in) so the huge waves looked something out of Cornwall or California, rather than Greece!

Then... we finally made it to our destination: Golden Beach. Our favorite. And it was just as great as I remembered it! 

How 'bout that water huh?

Πάρος <3

There are loads more beaches on this incredible island, but Golden beach tops the list. Every time.

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