Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Wedding

My cousin and his (now) wife sent out the invitations last fall, and for months I was debating whether or not to go, but I decided that I wanted to support my cousin through one of the biggest days of his life, and I'm so happy I did. A 4AM wake up call was a less than perfect start to the journey, but we flew to Northern Greece, and then drove to a small town called Katerini, where after getting settled into our hotel, the Swedish guests met for a mingle. I hadn't seen my cousins in probably around 8 years so I think both parts were just as surprised to see how grown up the others were. I'm the baby of the family, Sebastian was the last to get married (besides my sister and I) so there's a bit of an age gap between my cousins and I, but it all ended up great! So after a bit of a drink and a mingle we headed over to Kostas, the bride's uncle for a barbecue. Now...we had been told that this barbecue would be lowkey...not that many people. Instead there were 150 of their "closest friends and family", not including the 80 swedish guests. At this point we realized that this would be nothing like any of us had experienced before

During a Greek wedding (which usually lasts a few days) the groom and his side of the family throw a party and the bride and her side throw another, and they don't see each other until the groom and his groomsmen/friends try to "steal" the bride away, while the men in her family try to stop it from happening. Like throwing flour all over the groom... Since Sebastian isn't from the same town and he couldn't throw his own party, we were allowed to join their "intimate close-family party". But he still tried to steal his bride away, hence all the flour.

We ate, drank, got caught up with family, and of course, we danced.

Mom and Dad matching in their pretty pink clothes

It was adorable watching the young little Swedish and Greek children playing together even though they didn't understand each other one bit.

The next day there were no "official" wedding events so naturally there was a just as official football game. Swedes vs. Greeks / Vikings vs. Olympians - it was intense, and if I may say so myself, the Swedish Cheerleaders were amazing. 

A photo of everyone at the game, "closest" family and friends only ;) 

Unfortunately the Olympians clearly had a home-court advantage and since all of them were cousins or in some way related they obviously had quite an upperhand so...they won. but I mean, we won in Spirit. 

Wedding Day! Me and my momma, and our own little swedish bridesmaid, adorable!

Another tradition that was new to us, everyone in the Groom's family has to help in getting him dressed, literally. Each person gets a seperate piece of clothing to put on, I put on his left shoe, and my sister put on his right shoe. It's a hilarious tradition.

Here's my cousin Anton shaving Sebastian's face...

After the ceremony, aren't they adorable together?

Shortly after we got to the reception there was a performance of 3 different kinds of Greek dancing, such a good idea to share that with the guests, and it was all really cool, I wish I could dance! Or actually, scratch that, I wish I was Greek!

The beautiful couple, her dress is incredible

I tried to dance a little...learning the steps are not as easy as it seems...learned that the hard way. And by hard I literally mean hard, I got stepped on by 2 stilettos, I was wearing flimsy flip flops, oops!

Made some new friends, my other cousin, Anton's, hilarious girlfriend, Cara!

The wedding ended at 4 and after some consideration my sister and I decided not to join the younglings at a night club,  which ended up being the right choice. They open at 5 and close at 10 and they all got back at 8 in the morning - those crazy greeks.

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