Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday

I came across one of The Londoner's old blog posts about her year of 2012. She wrote about how it started out tough, but she made a conscious decision to make it better for herself and while elbow deep in math's notes it really (and without sounding like a complete plonker) spoke  to me. It just made sense. My gap year has been one of the best experiences, working and earning my own money, traveling and spending a year as a break from school. I am taking another year off before beginning school and one of the reason's why is because I plan on studying Business at university, and to do that there is a lot of math involved. I didn't put in enough effort in school, and I'm taking this year as my chance to make it better and prepare myself for uni. 

There are so many things that are easily forgotten when it comes to memories, you make a new one and you're so quick to forget older ones, so I got inspired to look through my iPhoto and my iPhone to revisit some of my experiences of the past year and a half.

We traveled to Shanghai

Summer of 2012 started with graduation

There's me in the middle yelling and holding my shoes, what was I thinking 6 inch heels?? Oh well, I looked fab ;)

Summerburst House music festival at Stockholm Stadion

If this doesn't look like summer in Stockholm, I don't know what will: 

Gustav and I ventured over to Dubrovnik, Croatia for our first ever proper holiday together

I visited my friends and family in Kullavik on the west coast of Sweden... and cuddled with kitties

And enjoyed days of "strålande sol" or "Beaming sunshine" (doesn't sound as good in English, sorry guys)

And in return, they visited me when the summer ended, and the fall began. Fall is quite pretty in Stockholm too I guess. Here on Djurgården with *my* pup Busan.

The winter of 2012 was spent with these little ladies. And a bunch of parties.

I had a surge of fitness goals and went on powerwalks at the crack of dawn, which by the way is at around 8AM during the winter.

These boys drank me under the table

A friend of my boyfriends is the photographer at ROSE, snapped us looking fresh

I spent New Year's in London, 
and here's me in front of my old apartment in Kensington.

My perfect London shot, I'm not trying to show off but I'm pretty impressed with this picture

In March we went to my boyfriend's families house in the French alpes. He spent 5 weeks in Whistler Canada becoming a ski instructor, so he used his new skills on me, a total newbie at skiing.

In April, we had been together for 3 years, so to celebrate we spent a long weekend in Rome, Italy.

We rented an apartment in the coziest little square that was so real it made me feel a little italian.

My best friend in the entire world, Anna graduated from high school, it was the best weekend of the entire year and I had so much fun.

My parents threw a cocktail party and Anna and Johan came up to Stockholm to visit

Summer on a plate, cheesecake + swedish strawberries

The rest of the summer I've already shown you, how 'bout that for Flashback friday? Looking back at all the memories of this year, I CANNOT wait to get started with gap year #2 

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