Saturday, August 10, 2013

Instagram moments

I love instagram. It's one of those apps I expected to blow over and disappear after a while of obsession, but its stuck! And I'm sooo happy! I mean now it just needs a chat/private message function and it'll put facebook out of business. But since Facebook owns Instagram I'm guessing that's actually impossible, but I love it. And these past few weeks I've been instagramming like a maniac. Forgotten my camera on most occasions, and had to snap away with my iphone. So, here goes!

One of my best friends, Filip turned 20 so we had to celebrate with a bit of a party, and a bit more drinks. A great night with way too many messy photos, these ones made me laugh though so I'm sharing.

My bests! Filip and Malin are both a lot taller than me, or so I noticed in this photo, I look tiny! 

The last photo of the night, you could tell why. 

And then My baby came home, and while lazying around at home trying to figure out what to do for dinner, the only thing I could even think of was Moules Mariniere. Delicious, so we headed over to Strandbryggan

Malin and I ended up drinking wine and catching up about life and stuff like that, at Happy, its a bar right down my street and they just opened a jetty on the water, loved it! We watched the sun set and heard the waves beneath our feet, a cozy night for sure.

During Pride Week I was pleasantly surprised when I biked past the Embassy of the USA and saw this, to say the least I was impressed. 

Later that day...swimming. These weeks have made the best summer in Stockholm and we've been blessed with warm weather and sun almost everyday!

Georgeous isn't it? My *new* hometown

My favorite blog, and a huge inspiration to why I started my own blog is called The Londoner. And she's made up this little thing called Slutty Brownies. It's genius. And when I told my friends about it they "forced" me to make it with them. *sigh*

When I explained what it was, Malin just said "I feel like if you two met, you would be best friends, I mean you LOVE betty Crocker". And its true, I do, I'm all for making things from scratch. Cakes, dinners and everything else but I mean...why change a winning concept? Betty Crocker's brownie and chocolate chip cookie mix is just amazing, so head over to her blog if you're intrigued! And Rosie, if you ever read this I wanted to say that you've made me smile and even laugh, which is a hard thing to do through writing, and you do it with grace and charm. London is my number one place in the whole world and I'm so jealous you get to live there when I had to move away! Although...As I've just shown you in this post, Stockholm ain't that bad eitha! (hillbilly american accent)

And to finish off the post, my next thing to cross off on my to-do list: Orange is the New Black! It's a new show Originally on Netflix and I decided to give it a go ! 

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