Thursday, August 8, 2013

One of those nights

....when it worked out exactly as we had hoped. My group of girl friends have been spread out all over the world for the past year. The UK, the US, South of Sweden and Australia. Everyone went off to start their new lives after high school and last night was the first time in 6 months and the last time in 6 months that we were all together. Naturally, we had to celebrate this as complete girly-girls. Pretty dresses, sallad for dinner, and lots and lots of wine. 

This group of girls is made up of people that are so different from each other, but in some way we get along and we've had some of the best times together. We did realize however that we barely have any photos of the whole group together, the last one we have is from 3 years ago, so we thought it was time to upgrade a bit, so we threw on our best and ventured out (not too far) into beautiful Stockholm. I think my friends out pretty-ed stockholm though to be honest..

No idea what's going on here though?

I went against the trend of dresses and heels and went for my little Hunkydory number with black top and flats - it worked out okay right? 

"Anna, stop humping me" 

The gate to my building is a little creepy, and Malin and I decided we just didn't want to let these little gals in 

But then Malin did the same thing to me by the next wasn't as funny the second time. Just sayin'

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