Saturday, August 10, 2013

Too much technology

I mean in this day and age, every single person has like at least 3 different devices that can take photos. Cameras, phones, computers etc etc. It makes a little difficult to decide who is going to take photos, so of course everyone always has duplicates. Like my cousin's wedding in Greece in June, I mean I used my phone + camera, and everyone in my family did the same....That gives 8 different "camera's" in one family....Are you joking?!

Anyways, I just stole some of the photos from my dad's new camera, his favourite thing (besides us) are sunsets and "views". I mean you should see our home videos from the 90s, zooming in and out from scyscrapers, gardens, and beaches for HOURS! But here are even more photos from my holiday in Greece, mainly taken from our balcony looking out over beautiful Naoussa, Paros. 


Take me back, please. Pretty please? 

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