Monday, October 14, 2013

8 things in my closet I wouldn't trade for anything

I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but I'm going to assume that it does. I have a few things in my closet that I wear or use almost every day (at some point) and if something breaks or runs out I'll replace it with the EXACT same thing and if I can't...I'm not sure, it hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't! 

So I looked through my closet and picked out 8 things that, especially during autumn are necessities.

these Black jeans from the English brand "MiH Jeans" - super skinny in the model "Vienna" that I found on my last trip to London, I've looked for the perfect pair of jeans and now I can say that I've finally found them. There about 150 Pounds in England and about 2000 kr in Sweden so if you're ever in London ;)

The kids I used to babysit asked me "why do you wear that sweater all the time?" ... because its cozy and soft and warm. From Zara (winter collection 2011 I think?) but they usually have big warm sweaters so it could be worth a look for a similar sweater.

This jacket has become an almost everyday piece of a fall outfit, its light and warm at the same time and I love the dark Brown (its much darker in real life) colour. Barbour here in Sweden is ridiculously overpriced, there's a HUGE difference from prices in England, which I find a bit strange but you can find Barbour almost anywhere in Stockholm! found the jacket in a different colour

scarves, scarves, scarves. I can't live without them when the summer turns into fall, the middle one my mom just brought back from China, its cashmere and its heaven. The pink was a present back when I lived in London, a simple pashmina and the black one I got last winter at Uniqlo in London.

Like every other swedish person I have Ray Ban aviators with a gold rim and the G15 glass. And yes, the sun does shine sometimes here in Sweden, more than I thought, so these are glued to my face during those days. 

I've already written about how my hairdresser tipped me about Moroccan Oil before my trip to Greece, and I used it every day and I love it! There are two kinds of them, the original and "light". I opted for "light" because I was scared of my hair getting greasy and oily, so that's a tip for you blondes with fairer hair/everyone else who doesn't want greasy hair! To the right is the sturdy deodorant that is Biotherm's "Eau D'Energie". It (the colour not the fruit) and its delicious! I was devastated when I couldn't find it because of it being a "summer" edition, but, another store had a few of them left. Love it! Definitely recommend it!

And of course, just like my father, I cannot live without Chapstick. My boyfriend HATES the cherry flavour, or really he hates how much I use it and then kiss him anyways. Woops! They don't sell them in Sweden but they do in England! For those of you who don't know, Chapstick is an American brand and for years my dad imported them by the case when we moved from the states...that was more than 12 years ago and he STILL buys in bulk whenever he goes to England/the States.. (me stealing a bunch could be a factor in it too)

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