Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A trip to the Far East

My last post about traveling got me thinking about all the travels I've made over the past few years, and no doubt about it going to Shanghai, China was at the top of the list.
Before Stockholm and London I lived on the west coast of Sweden, Göteborg for 3 years with my family where I made friends with a group of amazing girls. I guess the group started with Adina and Elsa who have known each other since birth, then Anna flew over from across the pond and joined in a few years later. A few years after that Rebecca and I joined, and yet another few years later Frida joined the group. I've known these girls since I was six and we've managed to stay close friends for over 13 years - isn't that insane?! I'm impressed, especially since I haven't lived in the same city as them for 10 of those years! Anyways.. as 2011 came around Adina and her family moved to Shanghai. Another member moving far away, but I think we were all quite confident that the distance wouldn't change things, especially since we couldn't wait to visit ! So we did and now after a bit of a quick summary of our friendship, I thought I'd take you along on a trip down memory lane...

 Here they are gorgeous girls after a day of shopping, which by the way was what filled most of our days there..

It was my first trip to China and I LOVED it. How lucky am I that a year later my dad moves there?! 

The smog was a worry for me before we went, you hear these extreme accounts of the smog, but thankfully Shanghai is a bit better off than Beijing and on our last day we were graced with a completely sunny day with no clouds and no smog. This is kind of what it looked like, bit grey but the photo makes it look worse than it was to be honest.

Besides shopping and getting stuck in traffic, we also pranced around parks

Oh yes, I meant that quite literally.

As we ventured through parts of Shanghai we came across this beautiful park, it wasn't the biggest of parks and what we found amusing was that some sort of sports team were doing laps around the park. Since it took them about 2 minutes to run around the whole thing we saw them a number of times...and decided to race them. Rude? naaaah they loved it! kind of...

And of course we headed down to "The Bund" to look at that infamous Shanghai skyline, and I've got to say, it was incredible. It's all so huge and its difficult to take it all in!

Another thing thats hard to get used to in China? The insane amounts of people that live here! Now down here by the Bund are a lot of tourists, but thats just as insane, there are so many people visiting Shanghai everyday that these tourist places are filled to the brim all the time. 

We also managed to head over here on Annas birthday night, the lights made it even prettier and before we headed out for a "night on the town" we also stopped by here to pose for some photos.. We all took photos like crazy and I think Anna had 500+ photos at the end of the trip. So of course we wanted to document this night as well...

...what we weren't expecting were the 100 Chinese people wanting to document this as well:

To show our thanks to Adina's parents for letting 5 extra girls (they already have 4 daughters) stay in their house, we wanted to get some flowers, and what better place than a gorgeous flower market around the corner from Adina's house.


Of course we were tempted to buy these huge peppers and put them together as a bouquet like Ashton Kutcher in "No strings Attached" (although he used carrots)

We ventured over to the lovely Yu Garden...

Luckily no one fell in...

i could probably add about 100 more photos...but I'll pass. This post is leaving me all nostalgic and wanting to go back..luckily I will be in almost exactly a month (although this time will be to Beijing, exciting!)

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