Monday, October 28, 2013


Bodylicious is a "how to get your dream body" book that makes stupid "diets" look ....more stupid (?). I'm a huge fan of Sofi Fahrman, she is a swedish blogger, author, journalist, and now the co-creator of a  fitness and health book. I have always been or tried to be active, when I was younger I played loads of sports, but since I moved to Stockholm staying active has become harder. I wanted to change that, and I'm going to try and follow the tips in this book to help me out along the way.

This book is definitely not about trying to lose weight the fastest or in an unhealthy way but it is about how important it is to eat healthy and gives you simple straight forward tips on how to do that. It's about how to squeeze in good work outs and good meals on busy days. It's easy to follow and I really like  it!

Its only made in Swedish as of now, but the other day on Sofi's blog she revealed that its being released in the states in English as well! An amazing feat and means for you international readers that you'll be able to get your hands on it (in a language you can understand) as well!

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