Friday, October 4, 2013

Bye, Bye Baby

My boyfriend and I have been together for more than three years, and we've gotten the chance to experience a lot of things together, but now I am staying in Stockholm for another year while he is heading off to Cambridge to start his university experience. I couldn't be more proud, excited and hopeful for his time there, and just between us, I'm a little jealous!

Over the past four years, our friends have grown into a close-knit group of people who care a lot about each other, and I feel very fortunate. So, when I asked the boys and Malin to help me plan a surprise dinner/party for him before he left they didn't hesitate to say yes. 

My Euro-boys, Filippo and Alex helped me get groceries and drinks for the night (Filippo is Italian so I hired his expertise for the making of dinner), we decided on wine and pesto lasagne. So with Filip and Andre distracting Gustav playing FIFA, we got down to business to start preparing the evening. 

It was stressful, I was nervous, but I really didn't have to be - my friends really made everything amazing, and I know Gustav appreciated it all, he had no clue what I was planning!


Notice the difference in those two photos? It took me ages which is embarassing

 Post-surprise (a little blurry):

I could finally relax, plus that champagne helped a little too ;)

"We didn't get a good surprise photo, look surprised!"


Thanks for everyone who helped making this night possible! 
I truly appreciate it and I hope you were surprised, Gustav!

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