Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make up Forever

Last time I was at Sephora and did some updates on my toiletries and stuff I got two tickets to their "Sephora Fan Night" Event - so the other day I took my friend Malin and we had some wine and we mingled around smelling perfume and testing lipsticks, it was a deliciously girly night out.

As most Swede's, because of the crazy darkness that hits us during the winter, I become as pale as a ghost, and every fall I try and find a good foundation/concealer/powder combo that won't make me look like a bad cake. So that was my mission that night, and I succeeded ! (love these Sephora girls!)

So, there is this brand called "Make Up Forever" (hence the title). It was created by make up artists, and this had me convinced. I mean who could be better then the people who spend their lives using make up? So we tested some stuff out and this is what I ended up with: 

On the right: "High definition Primer" which feels just like a light face lotion, with an almost milky texture, its heaven!
On the left: a super light foundation that blends in so well and isn't thick or block-y

On the right: Sephora's powder brush
On the left: The créme-de-la-créme of all powders, you see, this makes your skin LIKE A SILK BLANKET, A BABY's BOTTOM, AS SOFT AS A CLOUD...You get it. It's incredible, try it. Please?

This brand is great, but its exclusive to Sephora (I totally get it, if I was Mrs. Sephora I would not let this baby go) so head over to your closest store and try it out! 

Malin has gotten the whole Sephora-love thing I've got going on and after sniffing a few different perfumes, since she's been needing one, she decided on a deliciously smelling Chanel.

I think she's happy with her choice of Coco Mademoiselle - and I agree its scrumptious

In Stockholm there's the store I went to at Biblioteksgatan in town, I would go to this one, the girls working there are great, but there is also a store in Täby Centrum. I haven't been there but I'm sure its up to their standards as well !

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