Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picasso Baby

I think I mentioned earlier that I went to the Watch The Throne concert last spring when they came to Stockholm. Kanye West and Jay-Z are two incredible artists and I'm HUGE fans - the concert was amazing and now Jay-Z is coming back solo in October and I have no one who wants to go with me :( I would LOVE too see him perform his new album and this video explains why, take a look!

The song is called Picasso baby and the song is amazing, but its not just that with this video - he really shows how rapping is a form of art. Which you never usually get to see, you think of drugs money and bioootches when you think rap and hip hop. But thats what I love with Jay-Z he is purely talented and loves what he does and I love how he shared his song with a small group of people who were all so different to get back some of that energy that he gives. 

Pretty cool, would it be lame if I went to the concert alone?!

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