Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink Me Up

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I love how many different brands/companies/people get into it and join in. Every year at around this time I try to buy a breast cancer ribbon, and now since I have like 5 lying around at home I wanted to do something new. It's something thats very close to our family as my mom had breast cancer in 2004. I was very young and it was a really hard time for our family but she survived and I'm so glad she got the amazing treatment that she did. 

Its because of this that I try to do something every year, and this time I noticed that Essie had come out with a new nail polish in support of breast cancer awareness month and a part of the proceeds go to research of the disease. I'm not sure what big of a part, but I believe its mostly about supporting the cause in some way that you can, and making it a part of you. Texting 50kr to charity is great but once you've sent the text your done. Buying a ribbon or nailpolish or flower bouquet makes it more of a symbol which I think is equally as important as the sum of money you're giving. Especially for those unable to donate loads of money, I'm 19 and not working at the moment so don't have much to give, but if I can do anything, at least its something! 

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