Friday, October 25, 2013

Planning on a weekend in Stockholm?

No? ...why not? You should, seriously.

Start planning now. And don't worry, I'll help ;)

I understand that those first sentences probably aren't very convincing, and if you weren't planning on going to Stockholm at all you might need some convincing. So I'll try my best at that.

First of all, timing: you'll want to go in the late spring or summer, avoid the winter, its awfully cold but the worst is the darkness. So November-March are no-no months. I would suggest May or June as the perfect time.

Long weekend? Arriving on a friday afternoon? Here's what you should do first:

after checking in to your hotel drop off your suitcases, freshen yourself up and head out and over to Gamla Stan. Its the most touristy spot of Stockholm and I wouldn't put off hours to go there but you'll have to see it! The "Old Town" as its called is home to the royal palace and taking a stroll around Gamla Stan and ending up down by the palace is a great afternoon stroll. There are some cozy cafés and pubs as well so if you're feeling a little tired from the trip plop yourself down with an ice cold beer or a steaming hot cup of tea. Just do me a favour and avoid the main tourist street: "Västerlånggatan", you'll know which one it is, its with all the crappy touristy souvenirs! Don't buy stuff here, get yourself and your family and friends some Nordic Fashion instead, more about that on your Sunday plan.

(photos of Gamla Stan from Pinterest)

Like the look of those photos? Find yourself a restaurant there as well for dinner.

Wake up (relatively) early and eat some of that delicious hotel breakfast, you lucky dogs, and then head out for a walk out on Djurgården - if you've been following my blog its the place that takes up about a third of all my photos.. it's beautiful and one of my favourite parts of Stockholm. 

When you've trotted around and enjoyed the beautiful sights then head over to Strandbryggan for a well deserved break 
take a walk on Djurgården and end up there for a late lunch and a glass of rosé. If you're feeling extra Stockholmer? Snob-out and get yourself some Fanta and Rosé, a so called "St. Tropez" at Strandbryggan. it's actually not too bad ! 

Its even quite popular with our furry friends ;)

Once the day starts to turn into the evening hurry back to your hotel and put on your best Stockholm-outfit and go for pre-dinner drinks at Nosh and Chow....when you're done have a bit of dinner at Taverna Brillo. The food is delish and when you're done with that? Stay and have some ice cream and head over to their bar. There is always a good DJ playing and gets pretty busy after 10-ish!

Sunday is the perfect day for slightly-hungover-mostly-tired-shopping! Stockholm is an amazing fashion city and its filled with shops of international, Swedish, and other Nordic brands that are definitely worth a visit !

Start at NK on Hamngatan, its the biggest, and fanciest, department store in Stockholm and its a great place to stroll around in, there are great brands and since its quite big you'll need all your energy. After that, head to Biblioteksgatan where stores like Sephora, Filippa K, Cos, &Other Stories, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Efva Attling are. There are loads more but I won't bore you, figure it out yourself! ;) 

Since I'm hoping your arms will be tired from all that shopping end up at Espresso House on Birger Jarlsgatan (opposite 7 for all Mankind and the new Zara Home store) and sink into one of their cozy couches and eat the famous Swedish cinnamon buns or "Kladdkaka", whatever you prefer, before heading back to wherever you came from ! 

                      from Stockholm


  1. I would love to! Oh, to have plenty of money! :)

    1. Haha I know ! A life goal is to win the lottery one day ;)