Saturday, October 5, 2013


I love photographs, I wouldn't call myself a "photographer" because that to me means someone who is frighteningly amazing at taking photos taken with a crazy complicated camera while using all the different settings and changing the ISO and whatever else you can do with those dandy things, and I don't do that. I do however have a less complicated dandy thing that takes beautiful photos all on its own, all I have to do is press a button. 

And since my boyf left me to go to England (did that sound bitter?) I thought that he should have some memories to take with him, and we've accumulated quite a few photos in these past few years so I got myself an empty book and filed it with the photos of us.

There are about 20 other pages, but I'm keeping those to myself ;). I love collecting photos and memories and this book from Ordning&Reda was perfect, they're available like everywhere in Sweden and abroad as well. Media Markt develop photos pretty cheaply and quickly, so head over there if you want to do something similar to what I did!

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