Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tv show hang outs

I watch a lot of TV shows, I find it easier than picking a movie most of the time, but the down side is that I get stuck and watch whole series way too fast. But one of my favourite parts is that most TV shows always end up creating this "hang out" spot for the cast, and I want those in my life! A place where you know that at least one of your friends will be at all times.

I want a café like Central Perk in "Friends"

I want a bar like MaClaren's Pub in "How I met your mother"

I want a diner like the pier diner in "The OC"

or like Joe's in "Grey's Anatomy"

I want a breakfast spot like in "Sex and The City"

Is that too much to ask for?!


  1. Not too much if you ask me ! But for me, living in London, there are so many awesome places to choose from that are just as quriky if not more interesting than those in the US :)

    1. London always wins Natasha, always! Couldn't be more jealous, London is my favorite place in the whole world!