Saturday, October 12, 2013

What to Wear: Cloudy Day

The great thing about my boyf leaving? He left me with a bunch of his sweatshirts and shirts that I could cuddle up in so I wouldn't be too lonely. He smells amazing and I love his clothes so today when I was running out for errands I threw on my new H&M jeans (109kr ???? Can you believe it?!) with an old t-shirt and one of his old work shirts from Hollister on top. Super casual and very cozy - I might never give this one back! (Let's hope he doesn't read this post)

It's a bit long in the arms and the cut is very man-ish so I think it looks best opened like how I wore it. 

Not the most exciting outfit post, i'm not Kenza unfortunately!
 (and since I live in Sweden I threw on my Barbour jacket on top of this)

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