Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The next afternoon (after sleeping off those cocktails) we headed over to Kings Cross Station to get on our way out to Cambridge. It was my first trip to the beautiful city and I was so excited to see more of the place where my boyfriend was now living.

We started off Sunday morning walking through St John's College to get to the town, and I have to say that Cambridge is way prettier than I was expecting.

I mean look at this! 

The "bridge of sighs"

It apparently got its name from students from Oxford visiting Cambridge and "sighing" because it was so beautiful and they chose the wrong school. I had no idea about it and made up my own meaning, I thought it was a popular spot for fellows to bring their dates to to impress them and the girls would sigh at how lovely it was and how lovely their dates were ;) 

Gustav has some of his course stuff in through here, how cool is that??

We never went punting :( Unfortunately it was way too cold so we skipped it this time and walked through the colleges instead of float through them.

After a long day of chilly walks we stopped off at the famous pub "The Eagle", I love classic English pubs and we stopped off here for a pint before heading back to Gustavs room.

We had dinner at his college and then went to a party in one of his friends room, which promptly ended at 11 o' clock as to not go against the noise curfew - it was a great few days experiencing "uni-life" and I can't wait to go back !

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