Friday, November 1, 2013


To continue on my little theme of "travel" I thought I'd look back at my last trip to London since I'm going next week. Gustav and I went over New years last year and had such an amazing trip, Christmas in London is beautiful, all the stores and streets are decked out in winter wear and I love it! We spent a week going to the cinema, shopping, and eating lovely London food.

New Bond Street

Amazing pizzas at Harrods (I've been told not to call them the best pizzas in the world by my italian friend, but I gotta say, they're pretty damn close)

We walked down Saville Row, and Bond Street and I lusted after jewellery, lothes and all things pretty...

We made sure to enjoy Starbucks as it hasn't hit Stockholm yet :(

We met up with my Swedish sweetie, Amelie and her boyfriend at a pub in Notting Hill - we went to school together in London until we were 13 I think? She's such a sweetheart and its a shame we don't see each other too often

And of course we had to visit my old neighbourhood, just a block down that street by Starbucks was my old apartment, I love High Street Kensington and everytime I go to London I HAVE to go past my apartment and reminisce a bit.


I also HAVE to go to the Scarsdale Pub whenever I go to London as well, its the best pub in London with the most amazing food, if you're ever around High Street Ken, check it out!

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