Sunday, November 3, 2013

Take a minute

One thing I found people to be bad at is enjoying the moment, and taking things for what they are. We're bad at realising the good bits and taking advantage of that, and using it for yourself when you can, does that make sense?

We fight for things so hard, things that we want to so bad, and once we've gotten them, we move on to the next goal, task or dream. I can at least say with confidence that I'm like this. Things pass by so quickly, and I'm fast to forget things and moving on to the next. Things passing quickly can be both good and bad, the first 5 weeks of my boyfriend and I being apart are almost over and I go to London in less than a week, but at the same time those 5 weeks are gone, the first proper month of my second gap year is gone and I can't help but think that this year is going to go by just as fast as my last. And I can't help but think that I haven't "used" it enough, I haven't taken advantage as much as I could have.

In what crazy world am I already 19 and on a second gap year already?!

I guess I just need to take a minute, and enjoy every moment, because I'll never get it again. 

Do you ever feel like things are passing you by too fast, or are you good at savouring those moments you don't want to forget?


  1. You are so insightful. i totally agree, this next year will fly by! This post made me think of the "Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it" qoute


    1. Thanks Eloise :) Great quote ! Right now I've got "a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor" as my wallpaper on my phone. ;) X