Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I'm sitting on my bed, a big cup of tea next to me and Michael Bublé's christmas album in my ears - what is it that makes christmas so special?

To me, christmas isn't about religion or faith in a certain thing or person. 

For me, christmas is snow, cold and dark. Letting candles and the light of your christmas tree brighten the days and nights. 

Christmas is hot chocolate and candy. 

Movies you've watched a million times before, but you love them as much each time.

Christmas is sleeping, hiding under your warm covers.

Slippers and porridge.

Christmas is the same christmas music you've listened to since before you can remember

It's decorating your house with decorations you and your family have collected over the years 

Christmas is calm, quiet and lovely.

What does Christmas mean for you? 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elle Sverige

Madeleine the princess of Sweden is so gorgeous. She was on the cover and in an interview in Swedish Elle and I loved it.

She just got married this summer to a gorgeous english man and she's now pregnant with their first child, I guess princess fairytales really do come true!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Shard: Take Two

Before heading home to Sweden after Cambridge I took a second stop in London (couldn't resist) and visited my two favourite Twins, Sandra and Anna. They both attend university in London and it was the perfect opportunity to see them and catch up with what I've been missing! 

It was so much fun seeing them again and it was so hard saying bye! But before we did that, I was "convinced" to head down to the Shard for a second trip. (note: I may have suggested it in the first place) After dinner and drinks at Sandra's apartment with a few friends we headed over and grabbed a table by the windows and ordered a few bottles of wine.

We drank a little bit more wine than I was originally expecting (always seems to happen with these girls) but it was an amazing last night in my favourite city in the entire world and I can't wait to see it and these girls again!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The next afternoon (after sleeping off those cocktails) we headed over to Kings Cross Station to get on our way out to Cambridge. It was my first trip to the beautiful city and I was so excited to see more of the place where my boyfriend was now living.

We started off Sunday morning walking through St John's College to get to the town, and I have to say that Cambridge is way prettier than I was expecting.

I mean look at this! 

The "bridge of sighs"

It apparently got its name from students from Oxford visiting Cambridge and "sighing" because it was so beautiful and they chose the wrong school. I had no idea about it and made up my own meaning, I thought it was a popular spot for fellows to bring their dates to to impress them and the girls would sigh at how lovely it was and how lovely their dates were ;) 

Gustav has some of his course stuff in through here, how cool is that??

We never went punting :( Unfortunately it was way too cold so we skipped it this time and walked through the colleges instead of float through them.

After a long day of chilly walks we stopped off at the famous pub "The Eagle", I love classic English pubs and we stopped off here for a pint before heading back to Gustavs room.

We had dinner at his college and then went to a party in one of his friends room, which promptly ended at 11 o' clock as to not go against the noise curfew - it was a great few days experiencing "uni-life" and I can't wait to go back !

Monday, November 18, 2013


This view is from (in my opinion) one of the coolest bars in London. It's called Hutong and its 33 floors up in The Shard which gives you the craziest views of London, from St. Pauls Cathedral, to the City, all the way down to Canary Wharf. It's gorgeous and this spontaneous bar night was the best decision. 

Gustav and I got there at about 8:30 and grabbed one of the most delicious passionfruit mojitos I've ever had. The bar was filled with after-work cocktail people as well as those grabbing a drink before heading off to the restaurant, but as the clock neared 9 the bar emptied out a significant amount and we snatched the table of all tables, right by the windows and we literally got a front row seat to the amazing views the Shard has to offer.

One cocktail turned into a glass of champagne, which turned into another glass of wine… we sat and looked out over our favourite city and caught up on the month that we've spent away from each other. We sat there for hours (much to the dismay of other guests who wanted our table).

A few hours later we took the ear-popping elevator 33 floors back down to earth again and were so so pleased with our night. The drinks were delicious, the bartenders were extremely talented and the overall service was first-class. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, prices are (compared to Stockholm) very reasonable and since you're at a place like this, very worth it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

The place I've been salivating over ever since The Londoner's post about the American fast food chain. When she wrote it back in 2011 they hadn't opened in London, but… they have now and it couldn't come in better timing as my boyfriend and I were dying for a good burger. 

Apparently Five Guys have also been reading Rosie's blog, as she was one of their quotes on their flyers, quite cool if you ask me…do you think she gets free burgers?!

There was a queue around the block and they had about 15 people working in the kitchen at once, doing all that fantastic burger-stuff.

And this is what the masterpiece looks like:

I'm a simple burger kind of gal (Read: NOT boring) and settled for just double cheese, definitely the best choice. Gustav chose a bunch of different stuff in his and he said he wished he had gotten less, it got too gooey and messy and we're simple people, we don't need eating a burger to be difficult. One thing we both agreed on was that having Bacon in the burger would make it all a bit more great, add a bit of that crunch to the gooey-ness. 

And let me tell you...

Oh and free refills too! I'm usually just a Coca Cola kind of person, but this time I went for Peach Fanta - yep it exists, and it was great.

Please, please, please tell me you'll go! and Mr. Five Guys? Please, please, please tell me you'll open in Stockholm?!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

London Stole My Heart

…and I hope I never get it back!
I just got back from London for a long weekend and I thought I'd start by sharing our first day there. 

Like I said the title of the post, I love London, I lived there for six years and ever since I've left I have wanted to go back. And I have gone back many times to visit, so when my boyfriend moved to Cambridge this fall, I couldn't wait for my first trip there to see a whole new England.

Since he's also "from" London, we spent 2 days in London before heading up to see his new school and home, and life. We did what we always do, walk. We Walked around lovely, lovely London, and like I wrote to my parents while I was gone, "you know you love a city when you still enjoy it while the skies are pouring and your shoes are soaked". We started our day in town with a delicious lunch, but more about that in a different post, and after that we headed across Covent Garden, Leicester Square (forgot how big it is!) and down Piccadilly Circus to get to Regent Street. Now..since both of us are no longer working full-time, neither of us had any money for proper shopping, so we filled the day with window shopping, which wasn't so bad either. 

When the rain really started coming down we ran into the apple store (that gold iPhone is sooooooooooooooooo nice) and decided to head over to Hush as Gustav had read about the amazing little courtyard and alley that was filled with restaurants. As we got closer, I started recognising the place as where we celebrated my friend Grey's birthday a few years back…a very strange coincidence that made me smile from all the memories. We each got a pot of tea to warm up and ended up sitting in the comfortable lounge chairs for a longer time than we had planned…

 After our shoes had partially dried and the rain had partially stopped, we ventured out with one goal: Selfridges. 

My favourite Selfridges, it was as beautiful and fabulous as ever and I can't exactly explain why I like it so much. Maybe because my friends and I used to walk around for hours before eating wagamama's and heading over to a friends house? Or because its just a great department store, either way..

But, Friday the 8th of November was no ordinary Friday at Selfridges, you see the new Louis Vuitton Townhouse was opening with three floors of LV goodies, I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the brand, but I do love the history slash modern feel of the brand and its continuous transformation into staying "up to date", I mean after all it started off as a trunk making company in the 1800s, yes, they were amazing but…less than exciting. I had to see the "townhouse" as I loved the concept, but anyways, we only took a quick look, I could ooh and ahh at the bags for hours, but Gustav was getting a little hungry and just wanted sushi… so we hurried along (unfortunately) through the store and headed over to our favourite spot, Yo! Sushi

To celebrate Gustav's 21st we headed over to one of the coolest bars I've ever been too…