Monday, September 16, 2013

That tempting place called Sephora

Since Sephora has opened in Stockholm I feel my wallet trembling every time I walk past. I LOVE it there and the customer service is light years ahead of other Swedish brands. Sorry Kicks. Though it may be pricier the "Sephora Own brand" stuff is great, remember I bought some eye liner before the summer? It's amazing and much better than "brand" eye-liners I've tried. The fact that it is also the exclusive seller to Benefit in Sweden is also a plus, and this time I needed some skin care. My face gets dry and bleh in Swedish winter, so I thought I'd try to fight it off as long as I could with some new stuff.

So the lovely Felicia, who's the resident Benefit expert as I call her, helped me! And she convinced me to buy more stuff than what I was planning too, but I definitely don't regret it! 

So I got myself some face cream the "Total moisture facial cream" cost around 300 kr (I lost the receipt and can't remember) and you definitely don't need a lot each day so I'm sure this will last long.

Next up, from the same line is the "It's Potent! Eye cream" This one cost I think 290kr and its even more "drug" (what is that in english? Lasting according to Google Translate, Thanks Googs. And I've barely made a dent in it since I bought it.

Felicia suggested in buying a seperate eye cream since the eye area is much more delicate than the rest of the face and a heavy face cream can end up blocking the skin around your eyes and giving you a result you definitely don't want. She said moisture is the key to youtful skin and I know I don't have to think about wrinkles but I'm a believer in that when you make your bed you have to sleep in it, and I'd rather have a wrinkle-free smooth and soft bed when I finally have to sleep in it in a few years. 

I needed a new mascara so just bought the same one as last time - its amazing and SO SO SO worth the extra money - it costs 250kr which isn't bad compared to other brands, but more than highstreet brands like Maybelline. 

When I was in London last winter I bought this AMAZING body butter from a skin care company called Sakarré. It took the benefits from the Black sea and created a great skin care line that left me SO SOFT. It was the best, but I used it so much it all disappeared too fast, now I've been suggested to use this body lotion from Sephora's own line that cost around 200kr for all that lovely-ness. Hopefully it'll make me as soft as I was last winter!

 So that was it for my shopping spree - not a lot but it should hold me from taking my card out in shops for a while! I would definitely recommend everything I bought, especially the benefit stuff! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sunny September (so far)

This past saturday was incredible. I took a day off from all my studying to have one last lunch with my dad before he left for China for a few months. The weather in Stockholm has been incredible and the summer has just kept going and going, and hey, I'm not complaining!

So my parents and I headed over to "Spritmuseet"'s restaurant over by the water, its the alcohol museum of Stockholm which is hilarious. But, the restaurant is great and it was even too hot in the sun so we found a spot in the shade for some hamburgers.

Not a bad view! Looks out over Riddarholmen and Södermalm.

And even though I've posted loads of photos of this view I can never seem to get enough of it - everyone was really trying to enjoy the last bits of summer.

The weather's stuck this week and I'm hoping it'll last into this weekend! Is that too much to ask for Sweden? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

“You are never fully dressed without perfume”

 I like walking around looking at nail polishes, mascaras, and lipsticks in department stores, I'm a real sucker for colour coordination. And when I remembered I had a gift card to "Åhlens City" (a department store in Sweden) I decided to treat myself to something nice, so I decided on a new perfume

Chance by Chanel "Eau Tendre" has been a favorite for as long as I can remember but I've never actually owned it. I've gone and smelled it probably every time I go through an airport, so today was the day! 

A "new" but not really so new other perfume was one I bought a few months ago at tax-free on my way home from holiday is Gucci's Flora "Glamorous Magnolia". I haven't opened it yet, but I'm thinking of switching between these two! 

I'm about to snuggle into bed, light some candles and read my Elle Sweden magazine with a cup of tea - the perfect thursday evening. Goodnight!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Djurgårds Rundan"

As I've mentioned before, I've started studying on my own at home, trying to keep myself busy and improve my chances of my dream uni - and that means I'm inside ALL THE TIME! I've been getting up and starting to study at around 10 in the morning, and so yesterday at about 16:00 I was going stir crazy and needed a bit of air, what better way than to throw on my Nike's and take a walk on beautiful Djurgården?

I had my music pumping, I dodged some tourists and enjoyed that hour alone with only my thoughts to keep me company.

Carlsberg: Where's the Party?

Axwell: Sjöhistoriska Muséet - practically in my backyard!

No, but you might have heard of Axwell, one of them Swedish House Mafia boys - he's got a pretty sweet deal with Carlsberg going. You see, he goes around Sweden throwing parties/concerts in the sun (or snow!) and they sponsor the booze! So this time, to REALLY finish off the summer (my latest posts have really been about squeezing those last few drops of sun out of summer haven't they?) he had a concert over by Djurgården for around 10,000 people who wanted to dance, sing, and drink beer. Lucky for me, Carlsberg also owns Somersby Cider - I may have had one or two of those sweet little things. 

After Pre-drinks with the boys we headed off where the party was already well underway, and where we surprisingly quickly ran into some of our girl friends who were there! So we ended up being a big group, although every single person got lost in the crowd at least once, some more than once...

It was a great night with lots of great music and I can't wait until next year's house festivals, Summerburst anyone? 

Kräftor baby, Kräftor

Like I said the other day, I headed out to my friend Filip's summerhouse in the middle of last week with him and Gustav. We've been goign to his summerhouse semi-regularly for 4 years and its always the best when we do. Now that we are suuuuper grown up, some of us *coughnotmecough* have driver's licenses, and so Filip drove us out there. Such a luxury that makes me laugh at those little 17 year olds shlepping through the train station, excited to get drunk of our parent's alcohol on the countryside. 

He turned 20 this year, and we did go out and celebrate on the day, but he wanted to throw a big shindig, and there is no better way to do that than out at his amazing country house with a cray-fish party. Now...this may be new to you, but as the resident Foreign Swede...I'll try to explain it

There are LOTS of preparations to be cutting the grass. Now, I'm going to be honest and say I was never even asked to do it, but Gustav was, and he so handsomely agreed. 

Filip and Andre (who had come to help in the preperations the night before) drove off to get the last of it all and so house prep was left to us! It was about 14:00 at this point and guests were supposed to arrive after 16, so I thought we had time...which we didn't because 10 minutes later Filip calls and says "some people are already on their way and will arrive in 30 minutes" ... WHAT?!

So I tossed the little papier-mâché cray fish on the steps and set the table as best I could

I hopped in the shower and got dressed as quickly as I could and exactly 30 minutes later 4 cars pulled into the drive way (24 guests split into different cars, genius!)

Everyone hello'd and hugged and oooh'd at the house (and the nicely set table) and we sent them to the back of the house, where the sun came out from hiding

24 teenagers (can I still call them that though half are 20 and "technically adults" now?) managed to organise themselves and come to a party an hour away from town, I was impressed and so so happy! So, we had a bit of summer sangria on the porch and caught up on life. The great thing about the year coming after high school graduation is that people are literally EVERYWHERE. Plans, places and experiences are spread out all over the world and it was really nice hearing what everyone had gotten up to since I last same them - some I hadn't seen since graduation!

There was the "silly pic" which didn't exactly work, nice bunny ears there, Alex.

The host and me

Ansy pants 

And after finishing off that tub of sangria we headed over to the front of the house to sit down for dinner. Crayfish parties are like a cult here, and they are so swedish that you just can't avoid it if you live here. And, why would you? They're the best! Basically, you eat crayfish. And drink schnapps for hours. And you sing as well, that too!

And you usually wear little paper hats with crayfish on them (don't ask me why, its that cult thing again) but, Filip's dad moved to India last year with his job, and he had gotten a bunch of amazing traditional Indian hats. So instead, some lucky few got to wear them, and I think they all looked pretty dapper...

...I just looked silly

the MOST swedish phrase there is, is "vad tur vi har med vädret!" or basically "we are so lucky with this weather!" If its sunny on midsummer or at a crayfish party you will no doubt hear this sentence a bagillion times, because Swede's are very into their weather. The reason for this phrase, in my opinion is because if there is good weather the only thing to say is that we're lucky. It probably wasn't supposed to be, but it was and there is no reason for it, not that its August and summer usually means sun. 

No no, for Swede's the only thing that makes sense, is rain and cold. So if it was raining at this party, you'd probably hear "Well I mean it is late-August, the summer is almost over! What could you expect?" Or "yeah, I saw on the news it was supposed to rain all week" blah blah blah its no surprise and people don't really care that much, you'll probably hear "ach, its supposed to rain at your crayfish party! That just goes with it" 

But anyways, weren't we lucky with the weather? I mean come on! 25 degrees 28th of August? Insane! So we dissected those poor cooked crayfish, ate cheese pie, and drank and sang.

So besides "schnapps visor" (tunes) a typical alcohol song at parties is "Lambo". It's basically an excuse to down your whole drink quickly without feeling bad about it because people are singing about you doing it.

One of the victims? Andre

The people at the table sing about how you should down the glass because your a drunk dog and while they do that, you down. When you're done? You get to do your own little solo and say that "yes I have had it all and to prove it I'm going to tip the glass on the wrong side on my head" rhymes in Swedish and is a bit more clever so just go with it.

After sitting for too long we jumped up and took some pictures before the sun set!

I can't really remember what we were laughing at, probably one of those hilarious jokes I know.

This photo sequence is cute, malls!

Love these guys, and with this sequence you can tell why my photos are going towards their finish...too messy.

A few more in the sun though...

That's a pretty good photo to end it on don't you think? 

Thank you Filip for this amazing Party!